Warframe – Smeeta Kavat DPS/Lifesteal Build

Welcome to our Smeeta Kavat build for Warframe. Our Smeeta Kavat build plays around boosting our Smeeta’s Crit chance and damage as well as lifesteal. Therefore making it a very destructive companion with high damage and being able to survive most end game encounters in Warframe.

Smeeta Kavat Crit/DPS Build

  • 8 Forma required.
  • 104% Crit Chance.
  • Critical damage is multiplied by 6.4x.
Image displaying our build for Smeeta Kavat.

Mods Explained

  • Primed Animal Instinct – Gives us a +55 loot radar and +33 enemy radar on our mini-map.
  • Link Health – Gives our Smeeta Kavat 165% health-link. The more health your warframe has, the more your Smeeta Kavat gets. You don’t lose any health when running this mod!
  • Link Armor – The same effect as “link health,” but it affects armor instead of actual health. It should always be used to increase our Smeeta’s survivability.
  • Hunter Recovery – Adds +30% Companion Lifesteal. Every time your Smeeta is damaging an enemy, your warframe gets healed.
  • Maul – Adds a huge +330% to melee damage.
  • Bite – Insane mod that gives our Smeeta 330% crit chance and 220% crit damage.
  • Primed Pack Leader – Similar to “Hunter Recovery,” but this mod heals your pet whenever you deal melee damage.
  • Hunter Synergy – Allows our Smeeta Kavat to exceed the 100% crit chance mark. Therefore making every attack deal yellow damage.
  • Fetch – Companion picks up any mod/resource/ammo within 13.5m of your Warframe.
  • Charm – It’s unique to Smeeta Kavats. Every 27s, you have a 28% chance to be buffed with “good fortune.”Good fortune buffs from Charm can be the following:1) Critical Chance Buff – Adds a flat 200% crit chance to all weapons and some Warframe powers.
    2) Energy Refund – Any energy that you spend on abilities gets refunded.
    3) 2X Affinity & Double Pickups – This stacks with boosters and makes lvling and farming resources way easier!
    4) Instant Reload – You can reload a weapon instantly. It should always be used on weapons with long reload time, such as Trumna.
    5) Reinforced Shields – Either negate incoming damage or gives you a +150 in over shields.
    6) Rare Resources – Gives you a “rare” resource depending on what planet you are on. If you’re on Deimos, it can be Mutagen Samples, etc.


This is my go-to build when I play with a Smeeta Kavat companion, which I do most of the time! This build allows your kavat to be self-efficient and dash out lots of damage while also giving you buffs!

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Warframe I stream and write about Warframe!

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