Warframe – Saryn Prime Build For Elite Sanctuary Onslaught

Welcome to our Saryn Prime build for Elite Sanctuary Onslaught missions. If you are looking for a solid build that is capable of soloing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO.) Then our build is perfect for you!

You necessary don’t need the prime version for our build. We do recommend it if you want to play solo.

As always, we’ll show a gameplay video at the end of the article where you can see the Saryn Prime build in action.

Saryn Prime Build

  • 2 Forma Required.
  • 250% Range.
  • 144% Strength.
Image showing our Saryn Prime Build

We prefer putting more resources into extra range instead of strength. Even with 144% strength, you’ll be capable of beating floors alone.

Mods Drop Location

  • Rejuvenation – Purchased from the Nightwave vendor.
  • Cunning Drift – Reward by completing the Orokin Moon Quest.
  • Stretch – Has a small drop chance on Corpus enemies and a 6% drop rate by doing Excavation missions (Rotation B.)
  • Overextended – Has a 4% drop chance by doing derelict missions.
  • Intensify – Has a minimal chance to drop from Alad V and Captain Vor. Intensify can also be a reward on Excavation missions.
  • Augur Secrets – Reward by doing Cetus bounties. Also has a minimal chance to drop from Recon Commander and Tusk Thumper.
  • Vitality – 25% drop chance from Alad V. Also has a minimal chance to drop from any enemy. It’s one of the easiest mods to farm!
  • Primed Continuity – Purchased from the bi-weekly trader Baro Ki’Teer. I personally recommend purchasing from a player as it’s very rare to appear from Baro Ki’Teer.
  • Transient Fortitude – Same as Overextended, it has a 4% drop chance by doing derelict missions.
  • Fleeting Expertise – Another mod that’s dropped by doing derelict missions. Like Transient Fortitude and Overextended, it has a 4% drop chance.

Arcanes/Focus School

I prefer running Arcane Guardian as it boosts our survivability. You can pick any arcane that you feel like running.

Arcanes really don’t matter for our Saryn Prime build as you’ll mostly spam your (1) and (4) ability.

Always go Zenurik for the extra energy regeneration if you are playing solo. If you are grouped with a Trinity, go ahead and choose Naramon.

Gameplay Video

Here’s a gameplay video where we play Elite Sanctuary Onslaught (ESO) with our Saryn Prime build and solo zone 1-13.









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