Warframe – Powerful Ignis Wraith Build with Insane Damage

Welcome to our powerful Ignis Wraith build for Warframe. If you are looking for a weapon that can melt down lots of enemies in a second, then this build is perfect for you!

Ignis Wraith is considered one if not theĀ strongest AoE (Area of Effect) weapon in Warframe. Being capable of destroying lots of enemies at a very fast speed. Ignis Wraith also has an insane ammo pool of 200/1000 with a pretty fast reload speed.

We are going to share a build that is optimized forĀ end-game content. I’ve personally done hours of Steel Path survival missions by only relying on our Ignis Wraith build.

Ignis Wraith Build

  • 5 Forma Required.
  • 1.9 Multishot with 42.5% crit chance.
  • Critical damage is multiplied by 5.5x.
Screenshot displaying our Ignis Wraith Build.

Mods Drop Location

You can purchase all mods from other players if you don’t feel like farming for them. We include a full list of where the mods drop.

We are not using any primed mods, and it shouldn’t take too long if you decide to farm the mods instead of purchasing from other players.

  • Serration – Has a 7% chance to drop from excavation missions on rotation B. Also, a reward by doing Interception missions, the drop chance is somewhat lower though.
  • Vital Sense – 2.26-7.4% drop chance on Defense missions. Rotation B has the highest drop chance and C the lowest.
  • Malignant Force – 25% drop chance from Corrupted Vor. He spawns randomly when doing high lvl Orokin Void missions.
  • Point Strike – Best way to get Point Strike is by farming Cetus lvl 10-30 bounties. It has a 25% drop chance on stage 1 and 15% on stage 2.
  • Heavy Caliber – Reward from Orokin Vault missions.
  • Split Chamber – Has a minimal chance to drop from MOA enemies. The best way is to farm Excavation missions where Split Chamber has a 6.6% drop chance from rotation B.
  • Stormbringer – 7% chance to be a Reward by doing spy missions on LUA. If you don’t like spy missions, you can do Defense, where it has a 6.25% drop chance.
  • Vile Acceleration – Reward by doing Orokin Vault missions.

Gameplay Video

We’ve added a gameplay video where you can see our Ignis Wraith build in action! Please take a look and see how awesome it is.

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Warframe I stream and write about Warframe!

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