Warframe – Best Way To Farm Requiem Relics in 2021

Best way to Farm Requiem Relics in 2021

Farming requiem relics is necessary if you want to defeat a Kuva Lich and get your hands on the unique kuva weapons in Warframe.

Running through kuva siphons is the most generic way to get requiem relics, but it’s defiantly not the most time-efficient. Warframe is all about farming and you want to be done as soon as possible.

I’m going to share three ways to farm requiem relics in the best way possible. Let’s get started!

Assassinate Lich Thralls


Every time you assassinate a lich thrall, there’s a small % that they drop a Requiem relic. The drop is totally random and it could be Requiem I up to IV.

In every lich controlled mission, there are up to 10 thralls. Each mission should give you at least one Requiem relic.

Assassinating thralls is defiantly faster than running through kuva siphons. Whenever I need to get a specific Requiem relic, I always go for lich thralls as they also reveal the required mods to kill the lich.

The difficulty is not that hard either. If you have a lvl 30 warframe and a decent weapon build, you can easily solo the content.

Best missions to farm thralls

To be as time-efficient as possible, you want to avoid defense and survival missions. I personally skip those all the time plus spy missions.

The best missions to farm thralls for murmurs and requiem relics are capture, exterminate and rescue missions. The objective itself is very simple and fast, and it also shouldn’t take too long for you to locate all the thralls.

There are however going to be times where there are only “bad” missions available. When this happens, I recommend that you run mobile defense or survival. It takes somewhat longer, but the missions are pretty easy and straightforward.

Kuva Floods


Kuva floods are always guaranteed to give you a requiem relic, but the downside is that you can only run kuva floods once every hour. If you are looking to farm requiem relics, you should always do the floods when available.

The only difference between kuva floods and siphons is that the enemies are much stronger on kuva floods.

An enemy in a kuva flood mission is between lvl 80-100 compared to lvl 25-35 when you are just running siphons.

Kuva Siphons

The last and least efficient way to farm requiem relics is by running Kuva Siphons. They don’t guarantee a relic drop when you’re done with a mission. Recent statistics from Warframe developers show the following drop chances:

  • Requiem I-IV Relic = 12.5% drop chance. This means that you have a 12.5 drop chance to get I, II, III, and IV. So if we mash that together, you have a 50% chance to get a requiem relic when your Kuva Siphon mission is completed.


Farming Requiem relics in Warframe can be a somewhat tedious experience. I’ve shared the three most efficient ways to farm requiem relics in 2021. These requiem relics are required to be farmed if you want to defeat a lich as well as get special Kuva weapons in the game.

Hello! I'm W3YBACK and I formerly played Overwatch for NRG but have since 2018 moved on to Warframe I stream and write about Warframe!

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