Warframe – Arbitration Platinum Farm Guide

Arbitration Platinum Farm

How to easily farm platinum has been a discussed topic in Warframe ever since its release. There are difficult and easy ways to farm platinum. In this article, we are going through how you can farm platinum by doing Arbitration missions in Warframe.

How to unlock Arbitration

Before you can farm platinum in Arbitration missions, you must complete every node that’s available on the star chart. There are however, a few nodes that you can skip, and it’s the following.

  • Mutalist Alad V Assisination missions.
  • Jordas Golem on planet Eris.
  • Zealod Prelate on Deimos.

You can skip those three nodes. All the other nodes are required to unlock Arbitration missions.

What is Arbitration?

Arbitration missions are easier than Steel Path but harder than normal nodes. There is only one arbitration mission every hour, and it changes from Defense, Survival, Interception, and Excavation.

Every Arbitration mission is endless, meaning you can keep going with your squad indefinitely. The enemies get stronger and more lethal the longer you keep going.

Arbitration Rewards

In Arbitration, you’ll get one reward every rotation. As it’s endless, you’ll most likely see the same rewards over and over.

  • 900-1500 Endo per rotation.
  • Ayatan Sculptures.
  • 3 Vitus Essence.
  • Rare mods like Adaptation, Aerodynamic, and Combat Discipline.
  • Aura Forma Blueprint.
  • Arcane Primary Charger, Bodyguard, Pistoleer, and Tanker.
  • Seeding Step Ephemera Blueprint.

Vitus Essence

Vitus Essence is a reward that you can get every rotation, but they also drop from Arbitration Shield Drones, which often spawns. The drop rate is only about 3%, but a long farm should generate about 30-40 Vitus Essence only from drops. Not counting the actual rotation rewards.

How to Make Platinum in Arbitrations

There are two primary ways that you can actually farm platinum while doing Arbitrations. It’s actually effortless if you compare it to other platinum farm methods. Let’s go through how you can easily make platinum in Arbitrations.


Adaptation is a trendy mod that can only be found in Arbitrations. It has a very minimal drop chance of 2%-2.5%. If you manage to get Adaptation, you can quickly sell it for about 20 platinum.

You can also get other mods like Aerodynamic and Combat Discipline. They are not as popular as Adaptation is, so the platinum price is lower. But you should be able to get about 17 platinum for Aerodynamic and 3 platinum for Combat Discipline.

Sometimes you are going to be very lucky and see several mod drops. My best Arbitration run took almost 2 hours but generated close to 200 platinum after selling all the mods.

Purchasing Mods for Vitus Essence

Vitus Essence is valuable because you can trade them for exclusive mods, which can only be purchased from the Arbitration vendor. You can find the Arbitration vendor by going to any relay and find the “Arbiter of Hexis” room.

We’ve included a screenshot below where the Arbitration vendor is located on the Strata Relay.

Image displaying the location of the Arbitration Vendor.

Each mod costs between 20-30 Vitus Essence. We’ve looked up all the mods on a website called Warframe Market to get a good estimate of how much platinum you can get for each mod.

We are only going to list the best mods, which is going to yield you maximum platinum. There are some “bad” mods that you are never gonna be able to sell, and we’ve skipped those!

  • Preparation – 19 to 25 Platinum.
  • Rolling Guard – 15 Platinum.
  • Vigorous Swap – 17 to 20 Platinum.
  • Power Donation – 20 Platinum.


Farming Arbitration missions is a great way for beginners and veteran players in Warframe to gain Platinum. It’s straightforward and doesn’t require too much effort. All you have to do is enter an Arbitration mission and complete it.

With our platinum farm, you can easily farm hundreds of platinum every day by playing the game. We highly recommend finding a squad in the recruitment channel in Warframe to get the best results.

We hope you enjoyed our platinum farm guide!






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